TRE Jazz Quartet Live 1999

by Peter Saltzman



The Revolution Ensemble (TRE) Jazz Quartet was a subset of the larger group whose various tracks you can hear on Bandcamp, most notably our final recording, "Kabbalah Blues/Quantum Funk." (

The tracks on this album, all recorded live without editing at the Three Arts Club in Chicago, are from two compositions I wrote specifically for the quartet: “Five Preludes for Jazz Quartet”, and “Suite for Jazz Quartet”. Befitting their name, and the history of form from Bach, to Chopin, to Debussy and beyond, the Preludes are quite short. The Suite, on the other hand, which is formally more inspired in some ways by classical chamber music (like string quartets) are quite long.

Still, despite the titles, these are not meant to be “classical” style compositions written for a jazz ensemble. In both pieces there is a free mix of the written and improvised, which is how I prefer my music in general. On the other hand, they are definitely NOT, I repeat NOT, Third Stream. I’ve never liked any of the music that came out of that movement, and that’s not what is going on here.

Instead, what I’ve done is write jazz the way I hear it. For the Preludes that means answering the question: “How would this a standard jazz quartet (sax, piano, bass, drums) work in miniature forms?” For the Suite, I’ve asked the opposite question: “How do you expand beyond the standard song forms utilized in most jazz ensembles, without going all the way to the free jazz end of the spectrum?” Of course, I’m not asking these questions for the jazz genre as a whole—I’m simply asking for myself as a composer/improvisor. From that perspective, I’d have to say that I’ve answered the questions successfully. However, if you’re impatient, and don’t want to listen to the whole thing to see if you agree, check out the third movement of the Suite: to this day I think it’s one of my best instrumental compositions.


released September 1, 1999

Peter Saltzman—piano
Jim Gailoretto—Tenor and soprano sax
Larry Gray—bass
Jeff Stitely—drums and percussion



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Peter Saltzman Chicago, Illinois

Peter Saltzman is a composer, pianist, singer, and songwriter residing somewhere near Chicago. His music has been called "brilliant" by the Chicago Tribune, and "powerful stuff" by the Dallas Morning News.

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